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For questions or assistance with becoming a Confidential Voter, please contact us by email
or call (800) SBC-VOTE or (800) 722-8683.

Confidential Voter Registration

A Confidential Voter Registration means the voter's residence address and information will not be included in any list, roster, or index prepared by the Santa Barbara County Elections Office. There are three ways to acquire Confidential Voter status.

Safe at Home Program

Safe at Home is a free address confidentiality program administered by the California Secretary of State's office available to men, women and children escaping abuse.

If you are interested in participating in the Safe at Home program, make an appointment with one of the 200 designated enrolling agencies in California. For a list of enrolling agencies in your area, go to: or call toll-free (877) 322-5227. TTY (916) 651-1304.

Public Safety Officer

Public Safety Officers may apply for Confidential Voter status for a two-year period. Once the two-year period expires, they will need to reapply for Confidential Voter status to extend for an additional two-year period.

If you are a Public Safety Officer and are interested in more information on how to apply for Confidential Voter status, please contact our office at (800) SBC-VOTE, (800) 722-8683 or by email.

Court Order

The Superior Court can issue an order granting confidentiality if a proven life-threatening circumstance exists for the voter or a member of the voter's household. Please contact our office at (800) SBC-VOTE, (800) 722-8683 or by email for more information.