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Campaign Finance Information and Lookup

Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Campaign Filings

The Campaign Finance Lookup contains financial information provided by candidates and committees beginning in 2015. Use the lookup to research campaign contributions and expenditures, and to review campaign statements filed by candidates and committees.

The following information can be typically be found:

  • Who has filed a Candidate Intention Statement (Form 501) stating they are running for office
  • Which committees have formed in support or opposition of a measure
  • What candidate committees have been formed
  • Finance disclosure statements showing who has contributed money, who is receiving money, and how that money is being spent

For filings prior to 2015, please contact the elections office at (805) 568-2200.

For City candidates and committees, please visit the City Clerk's website. Links to the cities websites can be found on the main page of the Campaign Finance Lookup.

Campaign Finance Lookup

Statements of Economic Interests – Form 700 Filings

To help identify potential conflicts of interest, the law requires officials to file Statement of Economic Interests forms. These forms include information about the sources of an official's income, investments, business positions, real property holdings and gifts.

Copies of the Statements of Economic Interests Forms for most state and local officials are filed with their local agency. In most instances, the agency is required to forward the originals for specified high-level officials to the FPPC (Gov. Code 87200). Forms filed by legislative staff and retired judges serving on assignment file directly with the FPPC.

To view Statement of Economic Interests Forms filed with the local agency please visit a County of Santa Barbara Election office closest to you. To view Statement of Economic Interests Form 700's filed with the FPPC please visit their website. .

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