Santa Barbara County is facing an historic budget shortfall.  Our goals during this financial crisis include:

  • A commitment to not just "fixing" the problem this year but actually "solving" the problem by making the tough decisions necessary to address the structural deficit within the budget.
  • Readjustment of our employees' salaries and benefits so that they are more closely aligned with private sector employees who perform similar tasks.
  • Reform our current pension system to ensure the future financial health of our county.
  • Implement a comprehensive electronic verification system to ensure that only those entitled to benefits are actually receiving them.
  • Highlight and eradicate wasteful spending on items like employee cell phones and county vehicles.
  • Balance our budget on time by committing to spending the taxpayers' money wisely.
  • Ensure a fair and open redistricting process.
  • Work with the Army Corps of Engineers to identify and secure a funding source for the final phase of the Santa Maria River Levee.