Why Behavioral Wellness?

Behavioral Wellness marks a new era for the Department. 

We are the hub for behavioral health assistance in Santa Barbara County. "Behavioral Wellness" heralds strengthened relationships with our community and partners. Supported by the County Executive Office, systems change is a department-wide initiative that is helping to increase access to information, education and care.  

Behavioral Wellness reflects systems integration. 

"Behavioral Wellness" reflects the merging of mental health with alcohol and other drug services under one roof. Integrating these services will better address the needs of individuals with complex behavioral health and substance use challenges.

Behavioral Wellness focuses on resiliency and recovery. 

Wellness and recovery are at the forefront of all treatment goals. "Behavioral wellness" reminds us of our focus on individual and family strengths to maximize functioning and improve the quality of life for people we serve.

Behavioral Wellness Promotional Video