Alice Gleghorn, Ph.D., Director, began serving as Department of Behavioral Wellness Director in December 2014. Read more.


Pam Fisher, Psy.D., began serving as the Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness Deputy Director of Behavioral Health on February 16, 2016 Read more.


Ole Behrendtsen, MD, Medical Director, Outpatient Services, came to the Department of Behavioral Wellness in June 2010 Read more.


Lindsay Walter, JD, has served as Deputy Director for Administration and Operations since April 2016 Read more.


Chris Ribeiro, MBA, has served as Deputy Director-Chief Financial Officer since May 2016 Read more.


Celeste Andersen, JD, is Chief of Compliance. She joined the Department of Behavioral Wellness in July 2013 Read more.


John Winckler, MFT, is Division Chief for Clinical Operations Read more.


Suzanne Grimmesey, MFT, PIO/Chief Quality Care and Strategy Officer, is responsible for leadership of the Office of Quality Care and Strategy Management (OQCSM) within the Department Read more.


John Doyel, MA, CADC-II, has been the Program Manager for the Department of Behavioral Wellness Alcohol and Drug Program since April 2010 Read more.


Veronica Heinzelmann, LCSW, was appointed Regional Manager for South County in December 2017.  Read more


Shana Burns, MFT, has served as Santa Maria Regional Manager since December 2017 Read more.