Auditor Staff 1

Our Vision

A well-run, financially sound County with an informed public that is served by knowledgeable and effective staff displaying honesty, integrity, independence and objectivity.

Our Mission

We ensure the County's financial integrity and promote efficient, effective and accountable government. 

Statement of Principles and Values

The Auditor-Controller is dedicated to act in a way that will serve the public interest, honor the public trust and demonstrate a commitment to professionalism. We PLEDGE...


  • to perform all duties with integrity and honesty
  • to continuously strive to be deserving of the trust placed in us by the County's citizens


  • to be prompt, careful and thorough when rendering our services to the public, other County departments, special districts, and other government agencies
  • to maintain an effective financial accounting and reporting system that will communicate information to the public in an accurate and timely manner


  • to continuously seek ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes and to assist other departments to do the same


  • to remain independent, objective, and accountable to the citizens for our actions
  • to hire, train, motivate and retain the highest quality work force in a non-discriminatory manner