Worker Safety & Compliance Assistance for Employers

The safety of agricultural field workers and pesticide handlers is an important focus of Santa Barbara County's Pesticide Use Enforcement program. English and Spanish bi-lingual inspectors perform compliance activities to ensure safe working conditions, proper use of personal protective equipment, and training for employees who work with or around pesticides.  

 Fieldworker Safety - California Code of Regulations, Section 6764 requires employers to assure that each employee assigned to work in a treated field has been trained in the last year, in a manner the employee understands, before beginning work in the treated field.

 Pesticide Handler Safety - California Code of Regulations, Section 6724 requires employers to assure that employees who handle pesticides have been trained prior to handling pesticides and annually thereafter. Employers are required to have a written training program and individual training records for each employee handling pesticides.

 Medical Supervision Program - California Code of Regulations, Section 6728 requires employers to provide medical supervision, including periodic cholinesterase blood tests for employees that mix, load or apply organophosphate or N-methyl carbamate pesticides that have the signal word Danger or Warning, the pesticides are used on agricultural products, and the employees use these pesticides for more than 6 days in a 30-day period. 

 Respiratory Protection Program -  Compliance Assistance  . The regulation requires employers to assure that employees use approved respiratory equipment in any workplace where respirators are required by label, restricted material permit condition, regulation or employer.

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation provides information to help employers and businesses comply with the laws and regulations pertaining to pesticide use.

Check out DPR's Compliance Assistance for Employers website for in-depth coverage of topics including employer responsibilities, laws and regulations, licensing and certification, environmental protection and worker safety. 

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation also has an extensive Worker Protection Program.