Pest Management & Prevention

The Santa Barbara County Agricultural Commissioner's Office is actively involved in preventing invasive pests from becoming established in our agricultural lands and communities. The Agricultural Commissioner regulates the commercial and private transport of plants into and out of Santa Barbara County.  It is important that commercial operations and private citizens respect California's quarantine laws to prevent the introduction of exotic pests. 

Exclusion & Quarantine

Pest exclusion is the first line of defense to prevent the introduction or spread of plant pests and diseases that are potentially devastating to agricultural crops and livestock.  Incoming commercial and private shipments of plant material are subject to inspection for compliance with plant import regulations.  Infested or prohibited shipments are subject to regulatory action.  

Detection, Management & Trapping

Due to the constant movement of people, products and commercial shipments into the State of California, the risk for new insect pests to become established is very high.  Early detection of agricultural pests is vitally important. Once established, these can cause much destruction especially in commodities such as fruits and vegetables rendering them inedible, impacting production. The Santa Barbara County Agriculture Commissioner's Office along with the California Department of Food and Agriculture place hundreds of insect traps throughout the entire county to aid in the early detection and control of these pests.   

  1. Current CDFA Pest Detection / Emergency Projects
  2. Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM)
  3. Target Pest Profiles
  4. Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP)
  5. CDFA Pest Reporting Tool
Bee Swarms & Bee Removal

If a large number of wild bees are on your property clumped onto a fence, tree or outdoor object it is probably a swarm of bees. When bees swarm, they are looking for a new home and they are very docile because they are loaded with honey and have no hive to defend. The swarm will usually leave within a day or two after they've had their rest. If they have established a home and you want them removed, contact a licensed exterminator to remove the bees.

Bee Complaints

If you are concerned about bees from a nearby commercial bee hive, please contact the beekeeper directly or contact our office.  All bee hives must be registered with our Department and follow the requirements contained in the County's Bee Ordinance including restrictions apiary placement. 

      Seed Inspection

      The Santa Barbara County Agricultural Commissioner, in cooperation with CDFA, carries out most inspection and enforcement activities under the California Seed Law (Section 52288, California Food and Agricultural Code) to verify the accuracy and accessibility of seed label statements as to variety, type, purity, and germination of seed. Enforcement of the California Seed Law regarding marketing and labeling helps to ensure that consumers receive the desired end product.