Operator Identification Numbers and Restricted Material Permits

 Operator Identification Numbers (OIN) - The purpose of operator identification numbers is to enable tracking of agricultural and commercial uses of pesticides through pesticide use reporting. If you plan to apply pesticides to any production agriculture (nurseries, crop production, rangeland, pasture, etc.) or non-production agriculture setting (farm roads, cemeteries, greenbelts, parks, golf courses, roadsides, etc.) you are required to obtain an OIN and report your pesticide use.

OINs are issued by our office to persons wanting to apply pesticides in agricultural areas (agricultural production, parks, golf courses, cemeteries, rights-of-way). OINs are only issued to the property operator or his or her authorized representative. If you need to obtain an OIN, contact your local office to set up and appointment, and bring a signed authorized representative form with you (if applicable).

 Restricted Materials Permits - Restricted materials are pesticide active ingredients designated through regulation as restricted-use by the Department of Pesticide Regulation due to their potential hazard to public health, farmworkers, domestic animals, honeybees, the environment, wildlife, or crops other than those being treated. The purpose of restricted materials permits is to allow our office the opportunity to evaluate the use of restricted materials at the application site, and to assess the surrounding properties to determine if site-specific use practices should be followed (beyond the label and applicable regulations).  This process of is intended to mitigate potentially adverse effects. I you plan to purchase or use these restricted materials , you must obtain a restricted materials permit from our office and report your pesticide use. Restricted materials permits are only issued to the operator of the property or his or her authorized representative. You must bring a completed restricted materials permit application , a copy of your private or commercial applicator certification; a signed authorized representative form (if applicable) and copies of clear, legible maps for each location on your permit. Maps must include adjacent neighbors, wells, reservoirs, north arrow, ranch access/entry point, cross streets or physical address, landmarks (power poles, equipment yards, gates, fences, ditches, trees, etc.), and sensitive sites within a ¼ mile.

 Santa Barbara County OIN and RMP Downloadable Data - Click here for our downloads page . If you need a custom data set or have a request for additional data, please make an appointment with a biologist by contacting our Santa Barbara or Santa Maria office. Depending on the complexity and time involved in fulfilling your request, a standard biologist hourly rate and/or materials costs may be charged. You can download a Data Request Form here that you can bring with you or FAX in advanced to the Santa Barbara or Santa Maria office.