All wholesale and retail nurseries in Santa Barbara County must be licensed through the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). Wholesale nurseries are inspected by our department every year to make sure the plants they sell meet the basic standard of cleanliness: no dead or dying plants, no exotic pests or diseases, and evidence that common pests are under control. Retail nurseries are not inspected annually, but are held to the same standards. Contact any of our offices if you have a complaint about a nursery or if you have questions about this program.

CDFA has a directory that lists all the licensed nurseries and nursery stock dealers in California. Copies of this Directory are available to California licensed nurserymen at a cost of $5.00 per copy. Persons other than licensees may obtain a copy at a cost of $25.00. Both prices include handling and mailing costs. Please send your order requests to:

Pest Exclusion/Nursery, Seed, and Cotton Program1220 N. Street, Room A-372Sacramento, CA 95814(Make checks payable to: "CDFA 90054")

To view the Directory on-line, click here

The application form to become a licensed nursery can be found here