Certified Farmers' Markets

Farmer's markets and producers are certified upon demonstration of compliance with direct marketing and quality standards.  Information on certification is available by calling our locations.  Applications are available on our Printable Forms page.

Contact the market manager for information on selling at a Farmer's Market.

Information about California's Markets can be found by visiting the California Federation of Certified Farmer's Market's web site.

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Santa Barbara Certified
Farmer's Market Association

232 Anacapa Street, Suite 1-A
Santa Barbara CA 93101
(805) 962-5354
Central Cities Certified
Farmer's Market Association

PO Box 958
Nipomo CA 93444
(805) 305-9829

Village Farmers Market Association
220 Saint Anne's Place
Lompoc, CA 93436

Santa Maria Town Center Farmers Market Experience
371 Town Center in Santa Maria

 Certified Farmers' Market Inspections - The Santa Barbara Agricultural Commissioner's Office conducts spot inspections at the farmers' market throughout the year. The following lists are meant to help Certified Producers and Certified Farmers' Markets pass these inspections. If the inspecting biologist documents a violation during an inspection, the producer or market manager will be required to follow the directions of the biologist to bring the violation into compliance. Please be aware that multiple violations within a year may result in a fine or other enforcement action.

 Certified Producers:

How to Pass a Spot Inspection at the Certified Farmers' Market

  • Ensure your Certified Producer's Certificate (CPC) is valid
  • Ensure your embossed CPC copy is posted on site at the beginning of each market
  • Ensure all commodities offered for sale at the market are listed on your CPC
  • Ensure your scale is sealed
  • If you are selling for a 2nd certified producer:
    • Ensure the 2nd Certified Producer's certificate is in your possession and is valid
    • Ensure your name is listed on the 2nd CP's certificate
    • Ensure the name of the 2nd CP is listed on your certificate
    • Ensure your products and the 2nd CP's products are separated and identified
  • If you are selling organic:
    • Ensure your organic registration is valid and posted
    • Ensure you are not utilizing a modification of the term organic on your displays
    • Ensure you are not mixing organic and conventional commodities
    • If you are certified, ensure your certification is posted

 Certified Farmers' Market Operators:

How to Pass a Spot Inspection at the Certified Farmers' Market

  • Ensure each person participating in the sale of agricultural products:
    • is a producer, certified producer, a member of the producer's immediate family, or an employee of the producer
    • sells only certified and non-certifiable agricultural products
    • has a valid CPC that is posted at the point of sale
    • has each commodity for sale listed on their CPC
    • when representing a 2nd CP under an additional certificate, ensure they separate and identify the items listed on each respective certificate, and that the name of the certified producer he or she is selling for appears on both of the certificates
  • Obtain an itemized list of all products sold at the certified farmers' market each market day from each person participating in the sale of agricultural products
    • The product list shall state the name of the certified producer, the identity of each product sold as it appears on the certified producer's certificate, and the quantity of each product sold at the market, including all processed agricultural products
    • Keep the list of products sold for a period of not less than eighteen months
  • Ensure you have a current, valid Certified Farmers' Market Certificate at the market