Printable and Downloadable Forms

The forms available in this page are for downloading and printing. Data is not sent to us by you filling in these forms. The fill-in feature is provided for your convenience only so you can fill-in and print. Thank You.

Pesticide Use and Enforcement Forms

Complaint Forms

bullet  Complaint of Human Exposure or Unsafe Condition Form - Please print this form, fill it out and fax or mail to our offices.

Training and Worker Safety Forms

bullet  Farm Labor Contractor Registration/ Information Pack - English / Spanish
bullet  Handler Training Form - English / Spanish 
bullet  Individual Pesticide Handler Form - English / Spanish
bullet  Respiratory Protection Model and Questionnaire - English / Spanish
bullet  Field Worker Safety Training Program - English and Spanish

Restricted Pesticide Permits and Operator ID's

bullet  Alternatives and Mitigations Form
bullet  Permit Application
bullet  Authorized Representative Form
bullet  California Restricted Pesticides Chart
bullet  Private Applicator Certificate Application

Pest Control Business Licensing

bullet  Registration Form
bullet  QAC/QAL/PCA exam schedule / Applications
bullet  Equipment Registration Form

Application and Use Records

bullet  Request to Inspect / Review Records

Production Agriculture Use Reports

bullet  DPR Fill-in Forms - PUR, MSPUR, NOI

Structural Pest Control Business Forms

bullet  Structural Registration Branch I
bullet  Branch 1 Operator and Field Representatives Registration
bullet  Structural Registration Branch II and III

Pest Prevention and Exclusion Forms

Exclusion Forms

bullet  Nursery Application Form
bullet  Nursery Application Form - Fee Exempt
bullet  Apiary Registration Form
bullet  Abandoned Citrus Reporting Form

State / Federal Phytosanitary Certificate Request

bullet  Phytosanitary Certificate Request Form

Certified Producers' Certificate Application

bullet  Regulations Summary
bullet  Application
bullet  Lease Agreement - English
bullet  Lease Agreement - Spanish

Weights and Measures Forms

Hemp Forms

The County is currently accepting Hemp registrations from Institutions of Higher Education (as defined in Section 1001 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. §1001) such as Colleges and Universities that grow or cultivate industrial hemp for purposes for research conducted under an agricultural pilot program or other agricultural or academic research. 

bullet  Research Hemp Disclosure Form