DPR is requiring "verification of attendance" document to be submitted with the renewal forms for the 1st time.  Continuing education providers are (and have been) required to provide attendees verification of attendance.  If an application for renewal is received without the added documentation, DPR will not renew and will instead send a letter requesting the necessary documents be provided.  Some CE providers are now providing a sheet with the necessary information and blanks for the attendees to fill in and submit.  Others have the DPR checkout form with a copy attached for the attendee.  Online coursed generally provide a print out after completion.  All are acceptable to DPR.  If an attendee has no verification of attendance, they need to contact the CE provider and request documentation. 


Verification of attendance must include: license or certificate holder's name, license of certificate number, meeting name and location, meeting code, meeting sponsor and number of hours credited.


For more info:  http://www.cdpr.ca.gov/docs/license/cegen_info.pdf