Apiary / Beekeeping

Ag Bullet Small Bee Safe Program

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has a new Bee Safe Program intended to promote best management strategies for beekeepers, deter theft, ensure the safe movement of bees, protect bee health, and minimize pesticide exposure by providing funds to local Agricultural Commissioner's Offices. https://www.cdpr.ca.gov/docs/enforce/pollinators/collaboration_brochure.pdf 

Ag Bullet SmallBee Where Mapping Initiative

Bee Where is a collaborative mapping initiative designed to track and safeguard hive locations across through the use of online digital mapping tools and a mobile app. It allows beekeeper to register their bees online and pesticide applicators and Pest Control Advisors to obtain general information on bee hive locations for notification purposes. To find out more go to https://beewherecalifornia.com/

Bee Registration is mandatory!

Registering and managing your bee hive locations online through Bee Where is the preferred way to register your bees. If not, please complete an apiary registration form and we will enter the information in Bee Where for you. 

Ag Bullet SmallResources

County Bee Ordinance County's Bee Ordinance

UC Small Farm Program  http://sfp.ucdavis.edu/pubs/brochures/bees/

Santa Barbara Beekeepers Association

Beekeepers Guild of Santa Barbara

CA State Beekeepers Assn https://www.californiastatebeekeepers.com/

Pollinator protection Information https://www.cdfa.ca.gov/plant/pollinators/

Pesticides and Pollinators  https://www.cdpr.ca.gov/docs/enforce/pollinators/index.htm