Director's Welcome Message

Welcome to the Santa Barbara County Agriculture/Weights & Measures Department Website!

Please take a moment to look around at our site, as we have information about our programs and services, educational materials, the latest bulletins and alerts.  If there's something you'd like to see that isn't here, let us know and we may be able to help.

The work of the Santa Barbara County Agriculture/Weights & Measures Department has never been more important.  Our mission is to protect agriculture, natural resources and the quality of life in Santa Barbara County.  To accomplish this, we at the Agriculture/Weights & Measures Department work with the California Department of Food and Agriculture, California Department of Pesticide Regulation, United States Department of Agriculture and the United States Environmental Protection Agency to meet the needs of our community, including:

  • Providing the first line of defense against the introduction of injurious plant and animal pests,
  • Protecting the consumer through the enforcement of agricultural, weights and measures laws and regulations,
  • Work to maintain a delicate balance between commerce and regulatory requirements,
  • Managing the new challenges that the future holds for our agricultural and business community.  

Our range of responsibilities is vast – pesticide use enforcement through inspections and investigations, inspecting quarantine shipments, issuing phytosanitary certificates for international export shipments, nursery and seed inspections, apiary inspections, price accuracy retail inspections, and commercial device inspections to name a few.  Please explore our website and take advantage of the information it contains.  We welcome your ideas on how we can improve our services and provide you with the information that you need.  We face many challenges, but we will continue to strive to provide the protections for consumers, the environment and the agricultural and business community.

Cathy M. Fisher
Agricultural Commissioner / Weights & Measures Sealer
Santa Barbara County, California