Agricultural Preserve Program

California Land Conservation Act (Williamson Act)

The purpose of the Agricultural Preserve Program is the long term conservation of agricultural and open space lands. The program enrolls land in Agricultural Preserve or Farmland Security Zone contracts whereby the land is enforceably restricted to agricultural, open space, or recreational uses in exchange for reduced property tax assessments.

The Santa Barbara County Uniform Rules for Agricultural Preserves and Farmland Security Zones is the set of rules by which the County administers its Agricultural Preserve Program. The Agricultural Preserve Advisory Committee (APAC) which was created by, and is advisory to, the Board of Supervisors, is responsible for administering the County's Agricultural Preserve Program and it includes representatives from four County Departments plus the University of California Cooperative Extension. The public is welcome to attend meetings and provide input and comments on proposed recommendations or issues being discussed.

  • The general guidelines for the Ag Preserve Program can be found here
  • Agendas and meeting minutes can be found here . 
  • List of Parcels Under an Agricultural Preserve Contract can be found here 

For questions on the Agricultural Preserve program please contact the appropriate department representative:

  • Stephanie Stark - Agricultural Commissioner's Office (Chair) | | 805-681-5600
  • David Lackie - Planning & Development | 
  • Sergio Ricardo - Assessor's Office |
  • Aleksandar Jevremovic - Surveyor's Office |
  • Matthew Shapero - University of California Cooperative Extension  |