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County Planning & Development Isla Vista Bluff Erosion Monitoring Program ( http://sbcountyplanning.org/building/index.cfm)

The Building and Safety Division of the Planning and Development Department has the authority to enforce local and state requirements for building regulations. The department has an ongoing monitoring program for the properties located along the bluff on Del Playa Drive.  Staff photographically documents the condition of the bluff after each winter storm and every summer.  Each property is reviewed to determine whether the bluff has eroded and the distance to the structure.

Under the program, there are three trigger points where action is required.  These trigger points are when a building is 15, 10 and 5 feet from the bluff edge.  When the survey indicates that the bluff has eroded to within 15 feet of a building foundation, property owners are notified that they must hire a licensed civil/structural engineer or licensed architect to develop a monitoring and repair plan. The plan is reviewed and approved by Building and Safety, and monitored to ensure the plan is implemented.  If the owner takes no action and the bluff retreats to within 10 feet of any part of the building, then code enforcement action begins.  The property owner is issued a Notice of Violation, and if the property owner is cooperative, an abatement schedule, including time frames and deadlines for the work to be accomplished, is established.  If the property owner does not act to address the encroachment of the bluff, a Notice of Determination of Fine will be issued.  If the bluff retreats to a point where the bluff face is within five feet from the building's foundation, a Notice and Order to Vacate Building and Abate may be issued on the property.

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