5 Year Capital Improvement Program (2015-2020) 

Santa Maria

Blosser Basin - Estimated Cost: $481,000This project consists of constructing a pipeline to drain the Blosser Basin. The Blosser Basin is currently drained and dried out by either percolation through its earthen bottom or by pumping water out of the Basin and into the Blosser Ditch, an earthen channel that takes drainage towards the Santa Maria River. Water introduced into the Blosser Ditch tends to promote vegetation that must be continually maintained. The constructed pipeline will take water from the Basin to the Santa Maria River without allowing the water to flow within the Blosser Ditch.

Unit Two Channel Improvements - Estimated Cost: $1,297,000This project is intended to increase the hydraulic capacity of the Unit 2 (earthen lined) channel by realigning the channel to remove a sharp S curve "kink" and widening approximately 5000 linear feet of channel. The section of channel considered for widening varies in existing bottom width of 8' to 12' and is preliminarily planned to be increased to a bottom width of 16'. This project will require real property acquisition from, and coordination with, adjacent farm land property owners.

West Green Canyon Phase II - Estimated Cost: $6,709,000This project will construct a 60" - 72" pipe from Main Street to the Santa Maria River along the Unit II channel, a distance of approximately 2 miles.  This project will tie into the existing West Green Canyon Phase I storm drain which drains into the Unit II channel.  Currently during high flow events the West Green Canyon storm drain is closed by Flood Control due to the limited capacity of the Unit II channel.  Extending the storm drain will allow the existing storm drain to stay open without overwhelming the capacity of the channel.

West Green Canyon 72" Extension - Estimated Cost: $417,000This project will complete the construction of a 72" diameter reinforced pipe culvert through the Santa Maria River levee at the Unit II channel.

Orcutt  RB7 Outlet Works - Estimated Cost: $208,000This project consists of acquiring permanent easements and constructing a storm drain under Blosser Road south of Foster Road. The new storm drain will be approximately 300 feet long and will discharge flow from a future retention basin (RB7) to be built by the Santa Maria Airport District. The existing drainage facilities are inadequate for the amount of stormwater runoff received. During storm events, excess storm water runoff inundates Blosser Road and adjacent properties. Construction of this culvert will reduce flooding impacts.


North Avenue Drainage Improvements - Estimated Cost: $826,000This project will provide additional drainage improvements at the intersection of H Street and North Avenue that will drain the area into the East-West Channel in the City of Lompoc.  The new storm drain system will reduce storm water inundation in this area.  This is a cooperative project between the City of Lompoc and Santa Barbara County Flood Control.  The west phase of the project was completed in January 2013.

South Coast

Las Vegas & San Pedro Creeks at Calle Real - Estimated Cost: $27,388,000This project consists of the construction of local street, highway and railroad bridges over the existing creeks. During storm events, Calle Real and HWY 101 are closed and numerous homes and businesses are subject to flooding. The cleanup costs associated with the flooding in past storm events are significant. Construction of these bridges will greatly improve the capacity of the drainage system and reduce the flood hazard to adjacent properties.

Mission Creek - Estimated Cost: $84,134,000This project is located along Mission Creek from Canon Perdido St. to Cabrillo Blvd. in the City of Santa Barbara. The Lower Mission Creek project improves various channel locations with widenings and bridge replacements in order to increase capacity. A park-like, open space environment is incorporated in the design. Completion of this project will reduce flooding and property damage adjacent to lower Mission Creek during large storm events.  Three phases of this project have been completed: the construction of a box culvert under the Union Pacific Railroad tracks at the downtown Santa Barbara station completed in 2009, widening of a portion of the creek upstream of State Street in 2011 and the construction of a box culvert upstream of the railroad in 2013.This was an Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) flood control project. The ACOE was to fund up to 50% of the total project cost but approval of these funds has been delayed for several years. The local cost share of this project is being funded by the South Coast Flood Zone benefit assessment revenues and by the City of Santa Barbara in accordance with a cost sharing agreement.

San Pedro Creek Fish Passage - Estimated Cost: $4,873,000This project will modify the existing concrete-lined trapezoidal channel from Calle Real at the downstream end to the terminus of the concrete lined channel at the upstream end (approximately 1,565 feet) in order to accommodate fish passage throughout its reach.

COMPLETED CAPITAL PROJECTS(Does not include storm repair projects.)Santa Maria

Blosser Basin Bypass Gate Box - Completed 2001This project consisted of the construction of a gate box on the 48" pipe that connects the Bradley Channel with the outlet channel from Blosser Basin. This allows the diversion of water back into Blosser Basin.

Blosser Channel Lining - Completed 2002This project consisted of constructing concrete channel improvements along Blosser Road from Alvin Ave. to Blosser Basin.

Getty/Kovar/Hobbs Basin Interconnect - Completed 2006This project consisted of the installation of a 24-inch storm drain pipe and slide gates to interconnect the three basins. This provides our maintenance crews the ability to control water levels in the three basins.

Kovar Basin Bypass - Complete 1996The project consisted of constructing a concrete structure containing gate valves that will allow water coming from the Adams Park Basin to be diverted during maintenance activities. Prell Road Retention Basin - Completed 2002This project consisted of the construction of a large retention basin on the east side of HWY 101 in Santa Maria at Prell Rd. in order to reduce peak flows through the City of Santa Maria and associated flooding. A new concrete box culvert was constructed under Hwy 101 from this basin. Construction of this project utilized Hazard Mitigation Grant Funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Santa Maria River Levee Reinforcement - Phases 1 & 2 Completed 2010, Phase 3 Completed 2014This project reinforced the Santa Maria River levee against levee failure. The first two phases of this project consisted of reconstructing the face of the levee with soil cement reinforcement and/or sheet pile the length of the levee from Bradley Canyon to just west of Blosser Road (approximately 6.3 miles). The third phase of the project reinforced the Bradley Canyon levee upstream of the Santa Maria River.

Santa Maria River Riparian Enhancement - Completed 2008This project consisted of planting willows along sections of the levee vulnerable to river erosion, thus helping to protect the levee while creating valuable riparian habitat. This was a cooperative project between the Flood Control District, the Cachuma Resource Conservation District and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation administering the grant funding which was part of the UNOCAL Guadalupe settlement.

West Green Canyon Storm Drain - Completed 2006This project consisted of the construction of a storm drain in Santa Maria running from a basin located at the intersection of A Street and Battles Road north to Main Street and then west to the West Main Channel which runs to the Santa Maria River.


Lakeview Storm Drain - Completed 1996This project consisted of the construction of a storm drain extension in Lakeview Road from Hillview Road to Marvin Avenue.

Mud Lakes Basin Siphon Improvement - Completed 2014This project will upgraded the 12" diameter (siphon) pipe outlet works of the Mud Lake Basins by replacing it with approximately 1300 linear feet of new 18" (gravity draining) pipe.

Patterson Storm Drain - Complete 1997The project consisted of extending an existing 21-inch diameter storm drain for a distance of approximately 500 feet between Orcutt Road and Martin Avenue in the town of Orcutt, and constructing two catch basins at the upstream terminus. The cost of this project was split 50/50 with the Roads Division of Public Works.

Santa Ynez Valley

La Pita Place Drainage Improvements - Completed 2002This project consisted of constructing drainage improvements near La Pita Place in Buellton in order to intercept and convey runoff to an existing retention basin.


College-Walnut Storm Drain - Completed 2003This project consisted of the construction of two storm drain extensions in the City of Lompoc. One in College Avenue from A Street to D Street and one in Walnut Avenue from 3rd Street to A Street. 

Lompoc Valley

Santa Rosa Creek Channel Stabilization Project - Completed 2002This project consisted of the construction of an earthen embankment and channelization of the creek.

South Coast

Carpinteria Marsh Project - Completed 2005The project consisted of improvements to Santa Monica and Franklin channels through the Carpinteria marsh; construction of earthen levees and floodwalls to protect against flooding of adjacent developed properties.

Carpinteria Salt Marsh Wall Extension - Completed 2012This project modified the easterly concrete channel wall of Franklin Creek, south of the Union Pacific Railroad crossing, by increasing its height by 2-3 feet.

Cheltenham Storm Drain - Completed 2009This project consisted of the installation of a 24" diameter storm drain.  The downstream end ties into a Caltrans storm drain that was constructed in Foothill Road and the upstream end connects to an existing stone culvert.  This new system improves an existing system and helps to minimize urban runoff.

Cravens Lane Storm Drain - Completed 2002This project consisted of the construction of an underground storm drain and drop inlets on Cravens Lane in the Carpinteria area. The storm drain intercepts a portion of flows from Cravens Lane and direct them to the Franciscan Sediment Basin.

El Encanto Debris Basin - Completed 2004This project consisted of improving storm water routing and debris removal by upgrading an existing debris basin with retaining walls & an access ramp, located on Micheltorena Street near California Avenue.

Encina Drain - Completed 2001This project consisted of construction of a reinforced concrete box culvert under Calle Real to Las Vegas Creek near the Calle Real Shopping Center.

Franciscan Culvert Extension - Completed 1999This project constructed a box culvert under Via Real and Highway 101 from an existing basin on the north side of Via Real to an existing earthen channel located south of the freeway.

Franciscan Sediment Basin - Completed 2002The project consisted of the construction a concrete lined channel and a sediment basin upstream of the existing basin adjacent to Kim's Market.

Gobernador Debris Basin - Completed 2008This project modified the Gobernador Debris Basin by replacing the existing earthen embankment, grouted rock spillway and concrete low flow discharge pipe with a natural bottom open channel and concrete restrictor walls.

Lillingston Canyon Debris Dam Removal - Completed 2013This project removed the existing Lillingston Canyon debris basin dam.

Montecito Creek Debris Basin ProjectThis project was completed in September 2002 and won an APWA - Central Coast Chapter award for an evironmental project between $2 - $10 million. For a photo of the completed project, click here:  Montecito Debris Basin Photo

Montecito Creek Fish Passage Modification - Completed 2011This project modified the existing concrete apron at the upstream end of the basin spillway for fish passage.

Old San Jose Creek Improvements - Completed 2002This project consisted of conveyance improvements to the existing natural drainage channel from South Street to San Jose Creek channel. The project involved grading, landscape revegetation, and the removal/enlarge of existing bridge structures provide increased flood capacity of this natural creek channel.

San Jose Creek Channel Improvements - Completed 2014This project consisted of channel modifications to San Jose Creek downstream of Hollister Avenue to increase channel capacity. The City of Goleta designed and constructed this project.

Serenidad Interceptor Channel - Completed 2003This project consisted of the construction of a 6-foot wide concrete interceptor channelbehind several homes in the vicinity of Serenidad Place in Goleta. The new channel replaced an existing v-ditch that had proven inadequate in prior flood events.

Venado Drive - Completed 1998This project consisted of the construction of a storm drain in Venado Drive which drains to an existing open channel to the south.

Via Rueda Interceptor Storm Drain - Phases 1 & 2 - Completed 2008Phase 1 of this project consisted of constructing a 36" diameter storm drain above Via Rueda that will intercept storm flows from an unimproved portion of the Vieja Drive Road Right of Way and convey them to an existing drop inlet on Puente Drive.  Phase 2 of this project constructed a 30" diameter storm drain in Puente Drive from the existing drop inlet to Atascadero Creek.

West Side Storm Drain Phase I - Completed 1997West Side Storm Drain Phase II - Completed 2007West Side Storm Drain Phase III - Completed 2008This project consisted of the construction of a storm drain in west side area of Santa Barbara to reduce street flooding.  This was a cooperative project between the City of Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara County Flood Control.


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