Proposition 84 Documents

Proposition 84 IRWM Implementation Grant Application
Attachment 1- Authorizing Documentation  
Appendix 1- Authorization and Eligibility Requirements  
Attachment 2- Adopted Plan and Proof of Formal Adoption  
Appendix 2- Biennial Review and Signatures  
Attachment 3- Work Plan Intro and Summary  
Appendix 3.0- Regional Issues Conflicts and Objectives  
Appendix 3.1- City of Lompoc, Lompoc Valley Leak Detection and Repair Project
Appendix 3.2- City of Santa Maria, Untreated Water Landscape Irrigation Project  
Appendix 3.3- City of Santa Maria, Leak Watch Program  
Appendix 3.4- City of Goleta, San Jose Creek Capacity Improvement and Fish Passage Project  
Appendix 3.5- Central Coast Water Authority, Water Supply Reliability and Infrastructure Improvement Project  
Appendix 3.6- Goleta Sanitary District, Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade  
Appendix 3.7- City of Guadalupe, Recycled Water Feasibility Study  
Attachment 4- Budget  
Attachment 5- Schedule  
Attachment 6- Monitoring, Assessment, and Performance Measures  
Attachment 7- Economic Analysis: Water Supply Cost and Benefits  
Appendix 7- Project Reports  
Attachment 8- Water Quality and Expected Benefits  
Appendix 8- Project Reports  
Attachment 9- Flood Damage Reduction  
Appendix 9- Flood Damage Analysis  
Attachment 10- Cost and Benefits Summary  
Attachment 11- Program Preferences  
Attachment 12- Disadvantaged Community Assistance  
Appendix 12- Disadvantaged Community Assistance  
Attachment 13- AB 1420 and Water Meter Compliance  
Appendix 13- AB1420 and Water Meter Compliance  
Attachment 14- Consent Form  
Appendix 14- Consent Form  
Attachment 15- IRWM Plan- Reduce Delta Water Dependence  

Prop 84 Planning Grant Application Submitted 9/28/2010

Round 2 Implementation Draft Guidelines

Round 2 Implementation Draft PSP  

Round 2 Implementation Power Point Presentation  

Regional Acceptance Process (RAP) Application

Department of Water Resources' Comments on the SB IRWMP RAP

SB IRWMP Comment Letter to Department of Water Resources

Prop 84 Planning Grant Fact Sheet

Prop 84 Implementation Grant Fact Sheet  

Prop 1E Fact Sheet

Tri-County Collaboration Letter

Los Padres, Santa Barbara IRWM, WCVC Collaboration Letter

Memorandum of Understanding

RAP Approval/ Final Comments on SB IRWMP Region