Streetlighting Districts

The Resource Recovery & Waste Management Division also administers all streetlighting functions in the unincorporated areas of Santa Barbara County. The streetlighting infrastructure is owned and maintained by Pacific Gas & Electric Company and Southern California Edison. Energy and maintenance costs are financed by the streetlighting districts or County service areas.

These districts include the following:

  • Mission Canyon Lighting District (serving the unincorporated area of Mission Canyon);
  • North County Lighting District (serving Casmalia, Los Alamos, Orcutt, unincorporated Lompoc, and unincorporated Santa Maria);
  • County Service Area 3 (serving unincorporated Goleta and unincorporated Santa Barbara);
  • County Service Area 31 (serving Isla Vista); and
  • County Service Area 11 (serving Summerland and unincorporated Carpinteria).

If you have any questions, please call (805) 739-8750.