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A Public Right-of-Way Special Event Permit Application

Instructions and Guidelines


A Public Right-of-Way Special Event Permit is required for the following activities:

  • Any organized formation, parade, procession or other event taking place on County roads or bike paths which may interfere, impede or obstruct the flow of traffic or which does not comply with normal traffic regulations or controls.
  • Any organized event taking place on private property which may result in momentary traffic delays on County roads.
  • Any organized event requiring the placement of signage or pavement markings on County roads or bike paths.

"Public right-of-way special events" means any activity taking place in any portion of the unincorporated areas of County of Santa Barbara public right-of-way that uses the right-of-way in a manner other than for its intended use; does not comply with traffic regulations or controls; or may prevent, obstruct, or delay other members of the public from using the public right-of-way in the manner for which it is intended.


 Special Event Application

  • Special Event Applications are required thirty days in advance or sixty days in advance if a road closure is involved. The County requires 6 months notice for approval of large events (catagory D). Please address all Special Event Applications to: County of Santa Barbara, Public Works, Attn: Special Event Permits 123 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Special Event Application

PW Special Event Fees (Effective October 01, 2016)

Public Right-of-Way Special Event County Code

Pardall Event Administrative Procedures


Insurance Requirements:


The County of Santa Barbara requires liability insurance for all special events on County owned, controlled or maintained property. Event organizers must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Provide a certificate of insurance evidencing general liability insurance for $1million coverage -Coverage for automobiles included if they are being used by paid employees of the event organizer
  • Provide an Additional Insured endorsement certificate listing the County of Santa Barbara as Additional Insured.  
  • Policy must be issued by an insurer assigned an A.M. Best Rating of A V (5) or better
  • Policy must be issued by an admitted insurer licensed to transact in the State of California
  • For questions regarding insurance please contact the County of Santa Barbara Risk Management office at 805-884-6860 

Additional Requirements (may be required)

  • Contact established with local law enforcement including Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department and California Highway Patrol
  • Contact established with any local public organizations which may be in any way effected by the event
  • A detailed description of the event and its location
  • A detailed map of the event location
  • A detailed traffic control plan 

Please also review the following attachments:

  • Traffic Control Companies
    1. California Highway Products & Signs - (805) 485-5447
    2. Traffic Management Incorporated - (800) 763-3999
    3. Statewide Safety & Signs - (800) 559-7080 


For additional helpful information on temporary road closure guidelines for special events visit the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) MUTCD at