South Coast Recycling and Transfer Station

Transfer Station Hours and Fees

The South Coast Recycling and Transfer Station (SCRTS) is located at 4430 Calle Real in Santa Barbara, California. The facility opened in 1967 and can process up to 550 tons of waste per day. This transfer station serves as a central collection point for a large portion of the non-hazardous waste generated on the South Coast. The station receives commercial roll-off containers, as well as waste brought in by residents and small, non-franchised haulers (e.g. landscapers). The remainder, comprised of trash, is taken directly to the Tajiguas Landfill by franchised haulers seeking to take advantage of the lower tipping fees.

The SCRTS is also home to a recycling center that processes approximately 200 tons per day of recyclable materials including commingled recyclables, appliances, automotive batteries, bicycles, Christmas trees, construction and demolition debris, electronic devices, used tires, and wood and yard waste.

The SCRTS is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is closed on Sundays, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If you have any questions, please call (805) 681-4345.


The fees listed below pertain to the materials accepted at the South Coast Recycling and Transfer Station and are effective from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019, unless otherwise noted. Customers with an account have the option to make payments by credit card. This secure system accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, and no login is needed. In addition to credit card information, a customer must provide an account identification number. For more information and to access the on-line payment system, please click here.  

Total loads must be emptied. No weigh backs to attempt to stay below the minimum are allowed.


Minimum Loads Up to 500 Pounds

Per Ton Rate

Municipal Solid Waste $26.00
Clean Green Waste (i.e. no agave, cactus, yucca, palm, pampas grass, bamboo, castor bean, fibrous succulents, trash, rocks, metal, plastic, sod, or dirt). Please note that these types of plants are prohibited in green waste containers because they cause jams in our grinder that is used to produce mulch.
Franchise Green Waste   
Clean Wood Waste (does not include:  plywood, particle board, press board, painted wood, laminated wood, varnished wood, or treated wood)
Treated Wood Waste $32.00 $114.00
Per Item Fee for poles, posts, and railroad ties (8 feet or less)  $20.00  
Per item Fee for poles, posts, and railroad ties (over 8 feet) $20.00 plus $2.00/foot over 8 feet  
Clean Metal Loads
Appliances with Freon $11.00 per appliance

Appliances without Freon

Construction & Demolition Debris Mixed Loads $21.00
Clean Rubble $11.00 $38.00
Clean Drywall $11.00 $38.00
Hard to Handle Waste (e.g. large demolition material)


Other Charges    
Commingled Material Handling Fee (Franchise)

Commingled Material Handling Fee (Self-Haul)
$  25.00

Agricultural Plastics and Drip Tape

Untarped Loads $15.00
Tires: Autos & Light Trucks (up to 30" diameter)
$3.00 per tire
Tires: Medium Trucks (31" to 40" diameter)
$6.00 per tire
Equipment Tires (over 41" to 60" diameter) $78.00  per tire
Earthmover Tires (over 60" diameter) $104.00 per tire

Mulch Loading Fee (Minimum Fee) (6,000 pounds)*

Dump Truck Minimum Fee

$16.00 per load

$40.00 per load


Screened Mulch Loading Fee (Minimum Fee)(5,600 pounds)

Dump Truck Minimum Fee

$32.00 per load

$80.00 per load


Mulch Delivery Fee**     $11.00
Screened Mulch Delivery Fee**    $21.00
Long Distance Delivery Fee (over 30 miles) $3.00 per mile one way  
Insufficient Funds Fee (per item fee) $25.00  

* Qualified trucks (no pickup trucks or trailers due to their danger of being overloaded with mulch) can be loaded with mulch for these applicable fees. Please call ahead to (805) 681-4345 to obtain details. Note that a free mulch pile located across from the Transfer Station is accessible to residents seven days a week.

 ** To have mulch delivered, please follow these steps: 1) Complete and sign a Mulch Purchase Agreement and e-mail, fax, or mail it in; 2) Determine the amount of mulch that you need; and 3) Call (805) 686-5084 to arrange for the delivery. Mulch deliveries can usually be made within one to two weeks of a request.  

Fees for Collection of Electronic Waste and Fluorescent Lighting Tubes

Households may drop off all types of electronics free of charge. Businesses may drop off electronic equipment containing a cathode ray tube (CRT) (e.g. computer monitors, televisions, and laptop computers) free of charge. The fee for businesses dropping off all other types of electronic equipment is $21.00 per load for loads of 100 pounds or less. For loads over 100 pounds, the fee is $415.00 per ton.

Both households and businesses must pay a small fee of $1.00 per 4-foot tube to dispose of fluorescent lighting. For tubes over 4 feet, the fee is $2.00 per tube.  

Unauthorized Disposal of Hazardous Materials Fees 

Batchable Hazardous Waste (10 gallons or less) $120 per incident
Batchable Hazardous Waste (greater than 10 gallons) $120 per incident plus all handling and disposal costs
Non-Batchable Hazardous Waste $120 per incident plus all handling and disposal costs