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May 13, 2019 through          August 2, 2019 365 Ortega Ridge Rd. 

Ortega Ridge Rd. residents allowed, otherwise


Between East Valley Rd. and Greenwell Ave.  Repair of a failed road embankment.
July 19, 2019      Friday                  8:00 am to          3:00 pm Holiday Hill Road ROAD CLOSURE & DETOUR1455 Holiday Hill Road Replace Existing Edison Power Pole 
July 22, 2019      Monday              1:00 pm to          3:00 pm  Laurel Canyon RoadROAD CLOSURE  3301 Laurel Canyon RoadReplace Existing Edison Power Pole 
July 24, 2019      Wednesday          8:00 pm to          6:00 am Glen Annie Road


Night Work

 Glen Annie Road, north end Replace Existing Edison Transmission Pole
July 25, 2019      Thursday              8:30 am to          3:00 pm Orchard Ave ROAD CLOSURE 

 650 Orchard Avenue

642 Tabor Lane

 Replace 6 Existing Edison Power Poles
Feb 2, 2019 11:50pm Bella Vista  Closure  From Romero Crk. crossing to Buena Vista Cr.  Winter storm, flooding, debris 
Jan 23,2018 12:20 pm
East Mountain Drive
Closure East Mountain @ San Ysidro Creek
Bridge Destroyed 
Jan 9, 2018 6:45am East Valley Rd  Closure East Valley Rd @ Sycamore Cyn East Bound Caltrans Bridge out
Jan 23, 2018 2:46pm Ashley Rd  Closure  Ashley Rd @ Montecito Creek Bridge to East Mountain Drive

Bridge Closed

Jan 8, 2018 9am
East Mountain Drive
 Closure Cold Springs Cyn to  Cold Springs Rd
Low water crossing washed out
Jan 2018-Mar 2019                 

7:30 am to
4:00 pm

Patterson Avenue Intermittent Traffic Control 500 Patterson Avenue Residential Tract Development Tree Farm Project, Traffic Control
Dec 2017-Mar 2019                  
7:30 am to
4:00 pm
State Street Advisory 4111 State Street
Santa Barbara
Development Improvements; Traffic Control
North County Closures
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