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For State Route closures (i.e. 192, 154, 101, etc.), please click the following: Caltrans Road Information 

May 21, 2018 7am - 4:30 pm
Santa Paula Ave  ClosedWalnut Lane to San Lucas Way Maintenance
March 27, 2018 7:00 am Padaro Lane

Traffic Control


Padaro Lane from Santa Clause to Bridge 51C206 Debris Removal 
Mar 12, 2018 7:00amBella VistaClosureBetween Romero Cyn and Ladera   Debris 
Jan 23,2018 12:20 pm
East Mountain Drive
ClosureEast Mountain @ San Ysidro Creek
Jan 23, 2018 12:05 pmAshley RdClosure Ashley Rd @ Montecito Creek

Jan 9, 2018 6:45amEast Valley Rd Closure East Valley Rd @ Sycamore Cyn East BoundDebris and Flooding
Jan 9, 2018 6:45amHot SpringsClosureHot Springs @ Sycamore Cyn East Bound Debris and Flooding 

 Jan 8, 2018     1:42pm

Moore Road  Closure Moore Road @ HWY 192 Debris and Flooding
Jan 23, 2018 2:46pmAshley Rd Closure Ashley Rd @ Montecito Creek Bridge to East Mountain Drive
By order of Evacuation
Jan 23, 2018 2:54pmHot Springs Rd Closure Sycamore Cyn Rd to Olive Mill Rd
By order of Evacuation 
Jan 8, 2018 2:05pmSan Ysidro Rd Closure San Ysidro Rd @ HWY 192 By order of Evacuation 
Jan 8, 2018 2:43 pmRomero Cyn Rd Closure  Romero Cyn Rd @ HWY 192 By order of Evacuation 
Jan 8, 2018 2:47pmLadera Closure Ladera @ HWY 192 By order of Evacuation 
Jan 8, 2018Toro Cyn RdClosure Toro Cyn Rd @ HWY 192 By order of Evacuation 
Jan 8, 2018 9am
East Mountain Drive
 ClosureCold Springs Cyn to  Cold Springs Rd
Low water crossing washed out
Until Further Notice
M- Sun
24 Hours
Ortega Ridge Road LANE CLOSURE
Ortega Ridge Road (800' East of Greenwell Avenue) Roadway Settlement - The road is open to stop‐controlled, alternating use of a single travel lane, with channelizes delineating the area of greatest subsidence.
Jan-July 2018
7:30 am to
4:00 pm
Patterson Avenue Intermittent Traffic Control 500 Patterson Avenue Residential Tract Development Tree Farm Project, Traffic Control
Dec 2017 - July 2018
7:30 am to
4:00 pm
Via Los Santos      Advisory 4700 Via Los Santos
Santa Barbara
Sub-Division Improvements Boulder Project, Traffic Control
Dec 2017-July 2018 
7:30 am to
4:00 pm
State Street Advisory 4111 State Street
Santa Barbara
Development Improvements; Traffic Control
Dec 2017-July 2018
8:00 am to
4:00 pm
Auhay Drive Advisory      4575 Auhay Dr at Arroyo Rd
Santa Barbara
Residential Tract Development Project
Feb-June 2018   Mon-Fri            7:30 am to        4:00 pm Las Perlas LANE CLOSURE Las Perlas

Tree Farm Project

Sewer Main Installation 

April 9 to          June 29, 2018     M-F                   7:30 am to        4:30 pm             

Gobernador Canyon RoadTRAFFIC CONTROL  7170 Gobernador Canyon Road, east to Hwy 150 Hauling approximately 300 cubic yards of Materials on to Job site.
May 22-July, 2018                    Weekdays          7:00 am to          3:30 pm Via Real BIKE LANE CLOSURE3450 Via Real Access Gas Line 
June-July, 2018    M-F                    7:30 am to          4:30 pm South Jameson Lane ROAD CLOSURE South Jameson Lane between Eucalyptus & Danielson

 Miramar Hotel & Resort

Sewer Work-Testing lines & Installing Structure; Hotel Frontage-Finish joint trench utility line, grading for parallel parking, curb & gutter

June 2018          Weekdays          7:00 am to          3:30 pm    Park LaneLANE CLOSURE  932 Park Lane at Buena Vista Creek Access Pot Hole to Excavate Existing Gas Line
June 2018          Weekdays          7:00 am to        3:30 pm Las Palmas Drive TRAFFIC CONTROL with FlaggersLas Palmas Drive (near Via Senda) Install Landscaping & Improvements  
June 20, 2018    Wednesday          7:00 am to          3:30 pm Nidever Road LANE CLOSURE Nidever Road , South of Foothill Road Replace Existing Power Pole
June 20-21, 2018                    Wed & Thurs       7:00 am to          3:30 pm Patterson Avenue LANE CLOSURE 1126, 1148 & 1153 Patterson Avenue Replace Existing Power Poles
June 21, 2018     Thursday            8:00 am to           1:00 pm Trocha Way ROAD CLOSURE & DETOUR 4974 Trocha Way Replace Existing Power Pole
June 21, 2018     Thursday            1:00 pm to           4:00 pmYaple Avenue ROAD CLOSURE & DETOUR 4972 Yaple Avenue  Replace Existing Power Pole
June 21, 2018      Thursday            8:00 am to          1:00 pm Camino Cascade ROAD CLOSURE Camino Cascade at Cathedral Oaks Road Replace Existing Power Pole
June 21, 2018    Thursday            1:00 pm to          6:00 pm Via Cayente  ROAD CLOSURE  Via Cayente & Vieja Drive Replace Existing Power Pole
June 22, 2018     Friday                  8:00 am to          2:00 pm Barker Pass RoadROAD CLOSURE & DETOUR  529 Barker Pass Road Replace Existing Power Pole
June 26, 2018    Tuesday            8:30 am to        3:30 pm Cheltenham Road ROAD CLOSURE & DETOUR 818 Cheltenham Road Replace Existing Power Pole
June 27, 2018    Wednesday        8:00 am to          1:00 pm Evonshire AvenueROAD CLOSURE & DETOUR  649 Evonshire Avenue Replace Existing Power Pole

May-June 2018

M-Sun                 24 Hrs

Ashley Road  CLOSURE Ashley Road @ Montecito Creek Bridge to East Mountain Drive

 Install Gates & Final Cleanup

Road will remain closed to the Public

North County Closures
Date / Time Location Status Route Reason
M- Sun 
24 Hours
Refugio Road CLOSURE Refugio Rd (Dirt section) Closed to ALL traffic on Santa Ynez side

West Camino Cielo Rd (top of mountain) to 4.3 miles south of Highway 246
Damage to Road
June 2018        M-F                    7:00 am to          4:00 pm Bradley Road Intermittent Lane Closure

Bradley Road


Keysite 30 Residential Development

Interior Road Improvments 

June 2018          M-F                8:00 am to      4:00 pm Clark AvenueIntermittent Sidewalk Closure Clark Avenue at Bradley Road 


Frontage Improvements

Installing Sidewalk & Driveway

Feb-June 2018 
7:00 am to
3:30 pm
Stubblefield Road Lane Closure

Stubblefield Road


Meadows & the Grove   Residential Development  
Frontage Improvements

June 2018        M-F                    7:00 am to          3:30 pm Clark Avenue Lane Closure 155 E Clark Avenue

Commercial Building

Frontage Improvements & Storm Drain Installation 

June 2018           M-F                     7:00 am to        3:30 pm Dartmouth Lane Sidewalk Closure

4085 Dartmouth Lane


Golden State Water

Remove & Replace Pipe in Vault 

Feb-July 2018 
9:00 am to 
3:30 pm
Various County Roads  Intermittent Lane Closure

 Various County Roads


 Aerial Fiber Optic Cable Installation with pole anchors & boring to install conduit in some locations.
May-June 2018  M-F                    7:00 am to          3:30 pm  Refugio RoadIntermittent Lane Closure 

 Refugio Road

Santa Ynez 

Replace 400' of Gas Main - using cut & bore method 
June  2018          M-F                     7:00 am to          3:30 pm Alamo Pintado Avenue

 Intermittent Lane Closure

Alamo Pintado Avenue

Los Olivos 

 Replace 423' Gas Main Pipe - using open trench method
May-June 2018  M-F                    7:00 am to          3:30 pm Old Mill Lane Intermittent Lane Closure

 1152 Old Mill Lane


Frontage Improvements for New Residence 
June 2018          M-F                    7:00 am to          3:30 pm  Solomon RoadIntermittent Lane Closure  1469 Solomon Road Abandonment of Septic Tank & connect to Laguna Sanitation Sewer Line
June 21-22,  2018                  Thursday & Friday                   7:00 am to          4:30 pm Foxen Canyon Road (Sisquoc) LANE CLOSURE Foxen Canyon Road

North County Pavement Rehab Project 

Grinding & Paving Road

June 2018            M-F                      7:00 am to          4:30 pm Dominion Road LANE CLOSURE Dominion Road

North County Pavement Rehab Project  

Grinding & Paving Road

New Link