Local Road Construction Uses Recycled Tires

Santa Barbara County Public Works Department recently completed an innovative project to reconstruct a local road with recycled vehicle tires. The Ortega Ridge Road Slide Repair MS-TDA Wall Project uses tire-derived aggregate (TDA) as lightweight fill material to prevent the ground under the road from slipping. The project is located on Ortega Ridge Road by Greenwell Avenue near Summerland. Raminha Construction began construction on the project in May and completed the work this week.

Ortega Ridge Road has experienced reoccurring settlement of the roadway surface and embankment that has required constant maintenance. County Civil Engineer German Neyra said, "The road was constructed in the late 1960s with clay shale. When it rains, the clay absorbs the water and expands. As the weather dries out, this clay shrinks and causes the road to crack and fail." This pilot project, a partnership between the State of California (CalRecycle) and the County, is the first in the State to combine the use of TDA and a mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall (MSE wall). The TDA is separated from the earth in a way that strengthens the ground and helps to prevent it from moving and the MSE wall is created with stone-filled wire baskets that stabilize the road.

Santa Barbara County Public Works Director Scott McGolpin said, "We want to thank CalRecycle for this invaluable program that provides funding and an innovative environmental solution for local agency problems. The TDA grant program helped us to be cost-effective in how we improved Ortega Ridge Road, while at the same time maximizing landfill space by diverting over 80,000 tires from our landfills."

Funding for the $665,000 construction project is through a cooperative agreement between the County of Santa Barbara and California's Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle). Construction contract funding was provided by CalRecycle TDA Grant Funding ($100,000), TDA Pilot Project Funding ($330,000), the Santa Barbara County General Fund ($53,000), and the State Transportation SB1 Fund ($182,000). Additional construction engineering costs are also reimbursed by CalRecycle's TDA Grant Funding ($53,000). For details regarding Senate Bill 1 Transportation Funding Projects in Santa Barbara County, visit http://rebuildingca.ca.gov/

Although construction is complete on this section of Ortega Ridge Road, the section south of Greenwell Avenue will be closed to through traffic for storm drain repairs through August 15. For a list of scheduled road projects and road closures, visit PWSB.net, or contact the Transportation Division of County Public Works at (805) 739-8750.

Click here to watch a short video on this innovative project.