Laguna County Sanitation District

Overview of the Sanitation District

The Division's largest utility is the Laguna County Sanitation District, a dependent special district created pursuant to Section 4700 et. seq. of the California Health and Safety Code and addressed in Chapter 29 of the Santa Barbara County Code. The District operates a wastewater reclamation plant serving the community of Orcutt and portions of unincorporated southern Santa Maria. The plant is located at the end of Dutard Road west of Black Road. The district serves approximately 11,700 connections and currently collects, treats and disposes of 2.4 million gallons of wastewater per day (mgd). Wastewater is generated primarily from domestic sources with minor contributions from commercial establishments. The district maintains one pump station and 128 miles of collection system. All of the water is recycled and used for irrigation purposes.

The plant is rated for 3.7 mgd and is regulated by the Regional Water Quality Control Board in San Luis Obispo under Waste Discharge Requirements and Master Reclamation Permit Order 01-042. Effluent is treated to disinfected tertiary levels and includes screening, primary clarification, biofiltration, secondary clarification, membrane filtration (including reverse osmosis for a portion of the flow) and ultraviolet irradiation. Reverse osmosis concentrate is disposed into a class 1 non-hazardous injection well. Permeate is irrigated on district land and off-site locations.

The district office is located in the North County Public Works Department offices at 620 West Foster Road in Santa Maria. For questions, please contact County staff members at (805) 739-8750.

Final Habitat Conservation Plan

Final Mitigated Negative Declaration

Phase I Plant Upgrade Project

LCSD Recycled Water User Manual 

LCSD Sewer Specification

Solar Kiosk Portal

Water Softener Exchange Program

Sewer Master Plan (Warning, this file is 42 MB)

Sewer System Management Plan

Reclamation Plant Master Plan (Warning, this file is 23 MB)

LCSD Review of Surface Water Disposal (Warning, this file is 27 MB)

Feasibility Study of Treated Wastewater (Warning, this file is 48 MB)

District service fees and connection fees for fiscal year 2019-20 (July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020) are the following:

Capacity (connection) fee for single residential unit: $7,502     
Commercial capacity fees are based on facility type and size.

Trunk sewer line residential fee (Dutard/Solomon): $1,064     
Trunk sewer line residential fee (Bradley/Solomon): $2,686     
Residential connection fees are based on facility type and size.

Sewer utility charges (billed on the tax rolls)

Single Residential Unit: $1,047.85/year or $87.32/month
Condominium/Apartment: $848.76/year or $70.73/month

Geotech Report

Flood Report