Flood Preparedness Information & Resources

Flood Safety Countywide
Homeowners Guide for Flood Prevention and Response
Learn how to flood-proof your property.
Register for Santa Barbara County Emergency Alerts
Guía para Propietarios de Viviendas
sobre la Prevención y Respuesta
a las Inundaciones
Flood Preparedness Videos
Informational videos on flood preparedness and other flood related topics.
How to Fight Flooding at Home
How to fill and place sandbags.
2021-2022 Storm Season Contacts
Contact information for county departments and cities.
Homeowner's Guide to Erosion Control
Prevent soil erosion on your property.
Sand Bag Stations
Locations where sandbags are available.
Be Winter Wise!
Flood preparedness before, during, and after a storm.
Real-time Rainfall, River-Stream
and Reservoir Data

Countywide rainfall data.
Santa Barbara County Guide to Post-Fire Ersosion & Flood Prevention Strategies
Information on how to protect your property after a fire
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to storm related questions.
After Wildfire: A Guide for California Communities
Information that can help you recover from a wildfire & plan for post-wildfire hazards
Santa Barbara County
Office of Emergency Management

County OEM website.
Turn Around Don't Drown™
Safety rules for driving.
Flood & Hydrology Reports
Reports on past flooding and rain events.
FEMA State
FEMA Flood Zone Look-up
Check if your property is in a flood zone
California Flood Preparedness Website
More information from the California Department of Water Resources.
Federal Emergency Management Agency website.
Southern California Flood Risk Video
Information on flooding in Southern California.
National Flood Insurance Program

Information on flood insurance.
CalOES - Be Winter Wise
Easy ways to prepare and tips to keep in mind before the next big storm.
Flood After Fire Fact Sheet
Flood After Fire Infographic
Other Resources
Hoja informativa de inundación después de un incendio
Infografía de inundación después de un incendio
First Street Foundation
Defining America's Flood Risk
FEMA Publications
Links to FEMA publications that address flooding.
Flood Factor
Find your home's flood factor