Discontinued APN Overlay Index

This visual index (updates discontinued in 2007) predates our interactive mapping systems.

These images show record references denoted in red that might not yet be spatialy indexed.

Record references are noted on Assessor Book & Page overlays.

  • Each page is in a separate Adobe Reader PDF file. To navigate to the next or previous page, manually change the page number or file name in the address bar in your Web browser.
  • For best results with PDFs in 64-bit Windows 7, please use a browser enabled with a PDF viewer plugin.

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Collection-Specific Notes and Information:

  • Example: 005/010 for Assessor Book 5 Page 10 Format: Enter the three digit Assessor Book number in the Book field and the three digit page number in the Page field.
  • Example: 065/INDEX for Assessor Book 65 Index page: Enter the three digit Assessor Book number in the Book field and INDEX in the Page field. 
  • Historic Index for: Parcel Maps, Maps (includes Tract or Final Maps), Records of Surveys, Official Maps, Lot Split Maps and Condominium Plans, by Assessor Parcel Book/Page.

Don't know your APN? View the maps below to see what Assessor Book you need, and then enter the Book/INDEX to determine which page has your parcel number.
Assessor Book Index Countywide | Assessor Book Index South Coast

The information above is based on historic County Assessor books and pages. There may be book and page changes in current version of County Assessor Parcel Maps.

For more information on an APN, See the County Assessor's Office Property Inquiry.

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