Director's Page

On behalf of all of us in the Public Works Department, I would like to welcome you to our site.  Here you will learn about the wide variety of activities and services that are part of providing public works infrastructure for the County of Santa Barbara. 

The Public Works Department is comprised of five Divisions: Administration, Resource Recovery & Waste Management, Surveyor's Office, Transportation, and Water Resources.The diverse responsibilities of the department's five Divisions are both a strength and a challenge: a strength in that there is tremendous variety in the many jobs and day-to-day activities of the Department, and a challenge in ensuring that all of us strive to work in alignment to achieve the County's values and goals to be fully in service to the residents and visitors who make Santa Barbara County a great place to live, work, and play.  The Department meets this challenge through shared values, a mission that is our touchstone, and broad-based Departmental goals. 

Departmental Mission

The County's Public Works Department employees are committed to efficiently providing, operating and maintaining public works infrastructure, facilities and services to make everyday life as safe and convenient as possible for the public we serve.

Departmental Values 

The Values observed and upheld by Public Works Department employees create a departmental culture that is supportive and that fosters alignment, ensuring fulfillment of the County's Values where the Public Works Department is concerned. 

Public Works Department's PACE Values:  Pride – Alignment – Collaboration - Effectiveness

Value In Action
Departmental Pride is exhibited by Pride & Satisfaction of Work, Professional Development and Competency
Departmental Alignment is achieved through Loyalty & Commitment, Mutual Respect, Open & Honest Communication, and Teamwork
Collaboration & Partnership along with Flexibility ensures departmental responsiveness
Effectiveness is achieved through Accountability, Creativity & Innovation, Leadership, and Positive Customer Interactions

The Department's broad goals were developed by the Director, the County Surveyor, the Chief Financial Officer, and the Deputy Directors as a framework for programs and services carried out by the five divisions, and represent the Department's ongoing commitment to our customers and partners. The goals are to:

  • Provide a safe environment for the public and our employees
  • Serve the public by providing the most cost effective, high quality service possible
  • Sustain a highly qualified workforce
  • Actively seek stable and predictable revenue sources through fiscal planning
  • Clearly communicate our service
  • Promote teamwork and effective communication
  • Promote innovation and implement effective technology
  • Encourage and recognize employee achievement
  • Empower employees to make high quality decisions
  • Continue to be recognized for excellence in public service 

I invite you to gain an understanding and appreciation of the important and varied functions of this Department by visiting each of the Divisions' websites.

The years ahead will bring many challenges, but we are committed to bringing all our resources to bear on meeting those challenges successfully.

Scott McGolpin, Public Works Director
123 E. Anapamu Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 568-3010