The County of Santa Barbara Public Works Department, the Santa Barbara County Flood Control & Water Conservation District, the Santa Barbara County Water Agency, and the Laguna Sanitation District invite all firms to submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQs) for any of the following service group categories.


SCG 1:   Water Resources Engineering

SCG 2:   Flood Control Engineering

SCG 3:   Water Quality Planning and Engineering

SCG 4:   Resource Recovery Engineering

SCG 5:   Construction Services

SCG 6:   Hazardous Material Assessment

SCG 7:   Environmental Services

SCG 8:   Surveying

SCG 9:   Geotechnical Engineering

SCG 10: Wastewater Engineering


Interested firms will need to register on the Public Works Department's RFQ Online Information System to download the RFQ at:

For instructions on how to download the RFQ Document please click here.

Questions can be emailed to PWRFQ@COSBPW.NET and all questions and answers will be posted on this webpage or at the Public Works Department – Water Resources Division office located at 130 E. Victoria Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Barbara, CA.  It is the responsibility of each respondent to regularly check for any updated responses to questions made available related to this RFQ.


SOQs will need to be submitted to the point of contact for the specific service category as listed in the RFQ. 


Deadline for SOQ submittals is November 14, 2017 by 5:00 pm. 

Asked Questions

Question Response
Do you allow/encourage the use of subconsultants? This RFQ Process is to evaluate and prequalify individual firms.
Is there a maximum or limiting contract amount anticipated for this process? No.
Aggregate or per individual contract? Not applicable.
Can we submit qualifications for subcategories separately? (For example, submit for SGC 4.3 without including qualifications for SGC 4.1 or 4.2) Yes.
I am unable to download the RFP. Is there a problem with the link? Please see instructions for the RFP Online Information System located on this webpage. If you are still unable to download the RFQ , please click on the 'Contact Us' link on the RFP Online Information System to receive IT support.