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Dace Morgan
Transportation Deputy Director

My name is Dace Morgan, I am the Deputy Director of Transportation within the Public Works Department.
Our Division is responsible for the Transportation Planning, Engineering, Construction Administration and Maintenance of the Transportation Infrastructure within the unincorporated area of the County of Santa Barbara. The Division is composed of five sections that are tasked in accomplishing the above. These sections include Traffic Engineering, Maintenance, Design Engineering, Construction & Permits and Accounting & Administration.

The Traffic Engineering section is responsible for the traffic engineering and operations of the County roads. They work with the District Supervisor's office and with community and neighborhood groups to address neighborhood traffic issues such as speed and volume. They monitor the traffic on County roads to ensure safety and coordinate with the California Highway Patrol to provide enforcement and review accident history. They also work with the Design Engineering section to review proposals that may impact the road network. Traffic signals, signing and striping plans are designed for developer and County projects within this section.

The Maintenance section maintains over 1,666 lane miles of public roads and storm drainage facilities in the unincorporated area of the County. Road Maintenance Staff preserves and maintains existing travel ways with typical work consisting of sealing pavement, repairing failed pavement, and re-grading road shoulders. Maintenance staff is also responsible for the County's Urban Forest consisting of approximately 15,000 street trees.

The Design Engineering section is responsible for coordinating, designing and advertising County public road projects. The process includes determining right-of-way needs, gathering utility information and coordinating any utility relocations, reviewing materials testing information, initiating the environmental assessment, initiating right-of-way acquisition, obtaining necessary permits for construction, and designing the project.

The Construction & Permits section supervises the building of public road and drainage facilities in the unincorporated areas of the County. Improvements such as subdivision streets, roads and bridges may be privately or publicly funded. Materials and testing laboratory staff perform chemical, physical and performance testing on materials and conduct field investigations to provide data needed by engineers and construction inspectors for planning, design, construction and maintenance of road and drainage improvements.

Accounting & Administration is responsible for the operational and capital improvement budget for the Division. Looking to the future we see an extremely aggressive schedule for engineering and construction of Transportation Infrastructure through the unincorporated areas of the County.

We are a division of over 170 people who are privileged to serve the residents of Santa Barbara County. Thank you for the opportunity.


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