Short & Long Term Disposal Options
Paul Karp
City of Santa Maria


Mutli-Jurisdictional Solid Waste Task Group

Short and Long Term Disposal Options Subgroup


Other Documents

Disposal Subgroup Agenda 6-26-02.doc Disposal Subgroup meeting minutes 6-26-02.doc
Disposal Subgroup Agenda 7-24-02.doc Disposal Subgroup Minutes 7-24-02.doc
Disposal Subgroup Agenda 8-28-02.doc Disposal Subgroup Minutes 8-28-02.doc
Disposal Subgroup Agenda 09-25-02.doc
Disposal Subgroup Agenda 10-23-02.doc Disposal Subgroup Minutes 10-23-02.doc
Disposal Subgroup Agenda 11-27-02.doc Disposal Subgroup Minutes 11-27-02.doc
Disposal Subgroup Agenda 01-22-03.doc Meeting minutes SLTSWD 1-22-03.doc
SLTSWD agenda 02262003.doc  
SLTSWD agenda 032003.doc Meeting minutes SLTSWD 3-20-03.doc
SLTSWD agenda 05282003.doc Meeting minutes SLTSWD 5-28-03.doc
SLTSWD agenda 06252003.doc  
SLTSWD agenda 07302003.doc Meeting minutes SLTSWD 7-30-03.doc
SLTSWD agenda 08282003.doc Meeting minutes SLTSWD 8-28-03.doc
  Disposal Subgroup Purpose Statement.doc
  Disposal Subgroup Work Plan Final.doc
  TASK1 Guiding Principles Final.doc
  Draft agreement City and County 06072003.doc
  Future Disposal Services Demand Draft 2.xls


Short and Long Term Disposal Options Report
Short and Long Term Disposal Options Powerpoint
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