Reentry Steering Committee

Santa Barbara County's Reentry Steering Committee (RSC) is a standing committee of the Community Corrections Partnership (CCP).  The RSC's vision is that every person released from prison/jail within or to Santa Barbara County will be linked to the appropriate services, supports, and resources he or she needs to succeed in being a productive, law abiding citizen, thereby reducing recidivism and increasing community safety.  The group aims to reduce recidivism and promote community safety by implementing and seeking creative funding options to leverage and increase resources for a seamless plan of coordinated evidenced-based services and supervision developed for each individual based on his or her risks and needs.  Agencies from the criminal justice system and social service providers, as well as a broad range of public and private stakeholders involved with re-entry or impacted by it, collaborate to design the re-entry planning process, which focuses on an individualized plan from the time of the individual's intake at a correctional facility, through the period of incarceration, to the period of transition, reintegration, and aftercare in the community.  The mission is grounded in the measurement of outcomes and an emphasis on continuous improvement.

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