Child Support Detention Fees

Pursuant to SB 190 Santa Barbara Probation stopped charging fees for Juvenile Hall and Camp commitment days for 10/1/17 and thereafter.

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Yes. In accordance with Welfare and Institutions Code §903 the Santa Barbara Superior Court has established a $29.28 per day fee for minors committed to the Juvenile Hall or Camp. You can be charged for the costs of care and support of your child for each day they are detained/committed to the Juvenile Hall or Camp.
Yes, the Probation Department will bill you for your child's stay at the Juvenile Hall or Camp.
You are also financially responsible for group home or foster home placement of your child. The Department of Child Support will bill parents for group/foster home costs. For information about group/foster home billing please contact (866)901-3212.
The daily fee for Juvenile Hall or Camp is $29.28 as set by the Santa Barbara County Superior Court.
Parents are required to pay for the support of their minor children while housed in juvenile facilities. Support costs include food, clothing, shoes, laundry, and hygiene items (Welfare and Institutions Code §903).
The actual cost for a detainee's stay in the Juvenile Hall far exceeds the billable daily fee established by the Court. Parents are billed $29.28 per day unless reduced based on a determination of ability to pay.
You will receive a bill for your child's days in the Juvenile Hall and/or Camp the month following the commitment. For example, if your child was in the Juvenile Hall from March 2nd through March 9th, you will receive a bill in April.
You will be charged $29.28 for each day your child is in custody. You will only pay for the actual days in Camp or Juvenile Hall.
You will need to complete a financial form and provide proof of the amounts declared on the form if asked to do so. The financial form can be completed online at, at kiosks in the Probation offices, or at the Santa Maria Juvenile Hall. Based on the information that you provide, your ability to pay will be determined. If deemed appropriate, your fees will be adjusted and/or a monthly payment plan will be established.
Yes. Payment plans may be set up. Probation Financial Evaluation Officers will work with you to establish a reasonable payment plan. Financial Evaluation Officers can be reached at (805) 882-3741.
Yes. Both parents are joint and severally responsible for the bill based on their ability to pay. The Probation Department will bill both parents.
If you are the victim of the offense for which your child is currently detained, you are not responsible for the Juvenile Hall/Camp cost. Please contact Probation Collections at 805-882-3741 to ensure you are not billed for that detention/wardship of your child.
You will be asked to provide the information found on the State of California Family Court Forms FL-150 or FL-155: number of children, tax filing status, source of income, income amounts, monthly expenses, child support paid to others, spousal support paid to others, housing costs, employment information, current spouse income, and other information which you wish to provide.
If you are requesting a reduction in the daily rate or a payment plan, you may be required to provide proof of your income and/or expenses.
Sources of proof are: Annual tax returns, W-2's or 1099 forms, pay stubs, explanation of benefits for Aid or Social Security, estimated quarterly tax payments for Self Employed individuals, or any other document that corroborates your stated income.
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