Becoming a Worksite for Community Service Work

The Community Service Work Program is always interested in establishing new worksites in the community, particularly agencies that can offer meaningful work opportunities for juveniles and have evening and weekend hours available.

The agency sets the criteria for the community service workers it will accept and the CSW Program Coordinator will assign workers based on that criteria.

Agencies benefit greatly from the labor community service workers perform to help maintain the organization and do not affect the organizations' budget. 

In 2017, community service workers contributed over 12,316 hours of work to public and non-profit agencies participating in the CSW program throughout Santa Barbara County. 

Praise for the Program

Current Public and Non-profit agencies that are CSW program worksites agree that participation in the CSW program has been very beneficial to their organization.  Below are comments from some of these worksites:

"Being that we are a non-profit organization and operate on a fixed budget, it helps us out to have them work here." "The program gives us the opportunity to help these young people with responsibility and accountability.  Also, we hire court workers to work here that are worthy of hiring.  We give them a chance to move on."

"It gives us much needed help..." "It saves us money.  We figure we get about 1300 hours.  As a non-profit, it's hard to make ends meet.  The clients you send us help us maintain our building, vans, grounds and many other projects." "It provides valuable volunteers for our program.  Each worker has brought very different and useful talents to us."

"This program provides additional volunteers for us to help serve the community."

Interested in becoming a CSW Program worksite?

Public and Non-profit agencies interested in becoming a worksite with the CSW program should download and complete the  Worksite Questionnaire and Resolution .

Mail the Worksite Questionnaire and last page of the Resolution to:Santa Barbara County Probation DepartmentAttn:  CSW Program Coordinator 2121 S. Centerpointe Parkway Santa Maria, CA 93455