Criminal Justice Funding Opportunity

The Santa Barbara County Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) is committed to implementing and sustaining evidence-based and promising programming focused on reducing recidivism and supporting safe communities.  To further this goal, the CCP has committed to working together to explore funding opportunities and has employed a funding proposal review process to add structure and allow for collaborative support and consideration as early in a project's development as possible. It is also a method for partner agencies to incorporate the latest cost benefit analysis into their proposal through the use of the local Results First model.  It is intended to serve as an opportunity to quickly disseminate information, incorporate feedback, gather support, and strengthen viable proposals.

A county agency exploring a funding opportunity targeting a local criminal justice population is to complete the "Criminal Justice Funding Opportunity" form and submit it to Acting Deputy Chief Kimberly Shean ( to be discussed at the monthly CCP Workgroup meeting.  Feedback from the Workgroup will be incorporated at the bottom of the form.  At each CCP meeting, a report-out of all funding proposals and associated feedback will be provided.  

Upon completion of the aforementioned process, the submitting agency is encouraged to utilize the form and feedback as an attachment to any board letters submitted to the Board of Supervisors as they pursue the funding opportunity.


Criminal Justice Funding Template (Microsoft Word)

Criminal Justice Funding Template (Adobe .PDF)

Criminal Justice Funding Opportunity Photo