Probation Report and Resource Center

Enhancing Success by Promoting Personal Responsibility

The PRRC is a day report and resource program for adult offenders in Santa Barbara County.  There are two Centers, the North County PRRC in Santa Maria and the South County PRRC in Santa Barbara.  Clients referred to the PRRC will receive evidence-based programming, life skills training to promote and support success in the community, early release monitoring and reentry services as they transition from the custodial environment to the community.  PRRC programming focuses on, but is not limited to, cognitive behavioral interventions, employment development, and substance abuse intervention and referral.

PRRC Staff

Clients are assessed utilizing a validated risk and needs assessment instrument, the results of which, in conjunction with the client's probation terms and conditions, are considered in developing a case plan tailored to the client.  As determined by the case plan and risk, offenders attend the PRRC up to five days per week.

The PRRC program philosophy is the philosophy of 'I Am'. The philosophy of 'I Am' challenges clients to look at the bigger picture of who they are and what defines them as people.  Once clients begin to see themselves in a more positive light, they begin to find hope.  The programs offered at the PRRCs assist in drawing out the human potential in each of individual, while providing training to re-enforce their life skills.  The following curriculum is offered at the PRRC:

Reasoning and Rehabilitation

The aim of this cognitive behavioral treatment is to change the criminogenic thinking of offenders. Cognitive skills are taught to enable offenders to react more appropriately to situations that trigger their criminal behavior.  It was developed to teach offenders the following cognitive and behavioral skills: social skills, lateral thinking, critical thinking, values education, assertiveness training, negotiation skills, interpersonal training and social perspective.

Recovery-Oriented System of Care (ROSC)

Recovery Point facilitates ROSC groups at the PRRC.  ROSC is a secular, peer-driven support group similar to a 12-Step program for those offenders with substance abuse issues.  ROSC groups are offered in both Centers.  Check with the staff for current days and times of the groups. Walk-ins are welcome; however, a referral by the supervision probation officer is encouraged to facilitate the monitoring of attendance.


Moral Reconation Therapy

MRT is an evidence-based behavioral treatment program focused on substance abuse that targets recidivism reduction, and is designed to facilitate the development of higher stages of moral reasoning.  The program runs for six months or longer and meets twice a week for 90 minute groups.

Literacy Programming

This program is available for realigned clients.  Reading levels are assessed and a reading improvement plan is created.  The program is a self-paced web-based program.  Clients can request up to two hours per week of assistance with the program. 

Seeking Safety

Seeking Safety is a gender specific, evidence-based recovery support service for clients with a history of trauma and/or substance abuse.  The program runs at least six months and meets once a week for 90 minutes.

Aggression Replacement Training (ART)

ART is a program that focuses on teaching clients to control impulsiveness, anger and antisocial thinking.  The program runs for 10 weeks with groups twice a week for 90 minutes.

Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Offenders Seeking Employment (CBI-EMP)

CBI-EMP is for clients who are assessed at moderate to high need in the area of employment.  Classes cover creating a resume, interviewing, and a cognitive behavioral approach to employment retention.  The program runs for seven weeks and meets twice a week for 90 minutes.

Batterer's Intervention Program

Sessions are targeted to increase responsibility for the domestic violence act by the client, gain awareness on how the client's behavior impacts the entire family, and increase empathy for the victim(s) of the violence.  The group meets once a week for two hours.


Clients experiencing homelessness are assessed and given assistance in overcoming housing barriers.  Assistance is available for both realigned and felony high risk clients.

Work and Gain Self Sufficiency (WAGE$$)

The Work and Gain Economic $elf $ufficiency (WAGE$$) program is designed for unemployed or underemployed clients who will learn interviewing skills, resume writing, job search techniques and budgeting. WAGE$$ focuses on seeking work with a felony conviction.  The class is provided in increments of three hours for a period of three days. Clients practice their interview skills in a class setting and receive constructive input from the facilitator and other participants.  Following the completion of the class, clients are scheduled to participate in job searches within their communities.

First Aid CPR Certification

Clients will have the opportunity to become certified in First Aid/CPR.  By providing this valuable training clients will possess a useful skill they will be able to list on their resume that will enhance their employability that they use in their everyday lives.

Drop-in Employment

PRRC provides drop-in time slots for employment assistance.  This time is specifically designated to assist clients with the process of finding employment.  Clients may utilize the computer lab to do job searches or to complete on-line job applications.  They may use the PRRC to check posted job classified ads, review on-line job sites and speak with PRRC staff about potential leads.

Additionally, staff are available to assist with completing any necessary paperwork, employment forms, job applications and resumes.  Clients may receive additional assistance with interviewing techniques.   Application forms such as SSI, CA driver's license applications and/or California ID applications are available, along with assistance in completing them.  Clothing is available for clients in need of proper job search attire.

PRRC Job Search 1 SM

Additional Resources Provided by the PRRC

The PRRC has created a clothing inventory to provide Job Search clothing for clients in need of appropriate clothing to look for employment.  For families in need of food, the PRRC has several resources where clients can be referred.  Additionally, ServSafe Food Handlers Certifications are available to aid clients in obtaining employment in the food service and hospitality industry.

In addition to the services provide at PRRC, the program collaborates with community agencies to enhance resource and service options for probationers.  By using existing community services, the PRRC personnel are not unnecessarily duplicating services.