Project Title: Rice Ranch – Meadows South Neighborhood Tract Grading
Case Number:  21ZCI-00000-00013                   
Project Location:

APN 101-010-013; property is bordered on the north by Sage Crest Drive and on the west by Orcutt Community Park.

Assigned Staff and Division:

Tina Mitchell, Development Review

Project Status

The applicant has applied for a Grading Permit for site grading from Planning & Development's Building and Safety Division, as well as a Zoning Clearance for site grading from Planning & Development's Development Review Division. The Zoning Clearance was issued on October 29, 2021, and site grading is scheduled to commence the week of November 1, 2021. The issuance of a Zoning Clearance certifies that the development satisfies applicable provisions of the Development Code, including the conditions of approval of any existing approved permits for the subject property. Site grading is anticipated to be completed in January 2022. 

Background Information

Rice Ranch is a master-planned community that contains seven distinct neighborhood components: Valley View, Pine Creek Single-Family, Pine Creek Duplexes, The Oaks, Meadows North Single-Family, Meadows South Duplexes, and Groves. The Oaks and Pine Creek Single-Family are fully constructed. Pine Creek Duplexes, Groves and Meadows North are all under construction currently. Construction of Meadows South and Valley View has not yet commenced.

 The development proposal for Rice Ranch was approved in 2003, and a modified version of the development proposal was approved in 2016. In total, Rice Ranch was approved by the Board of Supervisors to include 725 units on approximately 560 acres. Residential development is contained to 180 of the 560 acres. The development proposal included the dedication of approximately 326 acres to the County of Santa Barbara for natural open space, a regional drainage basin, and the Orcutt Community Park. Over half of the natural open space area dedicated to the County is within the Valley View neighborhood (click here for more information on the project status for Valley View).

The second Rice Ranch development proposal was approved by the Board of Supervisors on January 5, 2016; as a part of that approval, Meadows South was authorized to include 52 residential units over approximately 6 acres in total. As depicted in the graphic below, publicly accessible trails will surround the site, though some areas may be temporarily closed to the public due to safety concerns during the construction process. Approximate trail locations throughout Rice Ranch are depicted in the graphic: 

Dev Rev - Rice Ranch Trails Map

Important Links

Link to the Board of Supervisors' January 5, 2016 Approval: