The Building and Safety Division administers and enforces State and County building, grading, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical codes by issuing building permits, inspecting ongoing construction projects, and investigating building complaints.  This division has office locations in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria.

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Staff Contact


Building Administration  
Name  Email Contact 
Craig Johnson, Building Official
Heather Borek-Klempfer, Admin Office Professional 
Jenny Songer, Admin Office Professional
Susanne Tyler, Admin Office Professional
Grading Permitting and Inspections - North and South  
Name  Email Contact 
David Vyenielo, Grading Supervisor 
Jim Byrne, Grading Inspector North
James Wright, Grading Inspector South
Permitting and Inspections - North  
Name Email Contact 
Brad Crandall, Division Supervisor 
Josie Fisher, Admin Office Professional 
Brandy Matthew, Admin Office Professional
Angela Villalobos, Permit Technician 
Beth Brooke, Assistant Plan Checker 
Thomas Hawkins, Assistant Plan Checker
Larry Haro, Building Inspector 
Teresa Sederholm, Building Inspector
Permitting and Inspections - South  
Name  Email Contact 
Jesse Barron, Division Supervisor 
Kevin Greene, Division Supervisor 
Jason Crabtree, Plan Check Supervisor
Alicia Hawkins, Permit Technician 
Leslie Edwards, Plan Check Engineer 
Mike Malek, Plan Check Engineer
Bill Dang, Assistant Plan Checker 
Dawna Davis, Building Inspector 
Emil Dilanian, Building Inspector 
Carl Lindberg, Building Inspector 
Mary McCaffrey, Building Inspector 
Eric Snyder, Building Inspector 
Bonnie Keolian, Building Inspector