The Department's public counters are now open for in-person, virtual teleconference, or telephone appointments which can be scheduled from 9 am to 12 noon, Monday through Friday.  This appointment system is in addition to the email and phone service that continues to be available during normal business hours.  Follow the link below to schedule an appointment with the Zoning or Building counters.  Please note that physical public access has been limited to appointments in order to comply with Cal OSHA workplace safety protocols.  The Department will continue to require physical distancing and use of masks based on Cal OSHA's workplace COVID-19 safety protocols.

The Department's public counters will continue to provide ongoing services through electronic and digital platforms.  The most efficient means of getting service from the public counters is through voicemail and email, or through our new appointment system. The Department maintains the goal of responding to voicemails and emails within one business day.

The Department will continue to offer drop boxes at the entrances of both offices to allow for the pick-up and drop-off of basic items such as checks, site plan sets, applications, noticing placards, and issued permits.  Inquiries and electronic documents are accepted at the phone numbers and email addresses below:

Santa Barbara - South County

Zoning Counter:  (805)568-2090,

Building Counter: (805)568-3030,

Santa Maria - North County

Zoning Counter:  (805)934-6251,

Building Counter: (805)934-6397,

*Building electronic plans can be emailed to

Appointment Types Available 

Appointments may be (1) in-person; (2) phone calls; or (3) via Zoom, whichever is preferable.

General Zoning Questions (15 mins):  This appointment is intended for general zoning questions only.  If you already have a case planner assigned to your case, please contact him/her directly.  Customers wishing to visit multiple divisions during a single visit (i.e. Planning/Zoning and Building & Safety) should book individual appointments for each service.

General Building Questions (15 mins):  This appointment is intended for any questions related to: (1) the building permit process; (2) general code questions; (3) consultation for a proposed project; (4) fee estimates for proposed projects; (5) microfiche viewing; or (6) building permit history review.  Appointments are NOT for questions for Plans Examiners and Inspectors regarding correction items.  Please contact the appropriate staff member directly.  Click here for contact information.

No Plan Check Building Permit (30 mins):  This appointment type can be used for: (1) Reroofs; (2) Residential Panel Upgrades (Max 400A); (3) FAU change-outs/mechanical permits; (4) Commercial Electrical Service Replacement (like for like only); (5) Tub replacements; (6) Water/Sewer replacements; (7) Door and window change-outs; or (8) Minor demolition permits. No Plan Check Permit does not mean that documentation is not required (i.e. floor plans, site plans, CF-1Rs) - it means that the required documentation will be reviewed at the Building Counter during this appointment.  

Building Inspection Scheduling:  Inspections may be requested by email or telephone.  Please click here to schedule an inspection for your construction project.

Safety Guidelines for In-Person Appointments

  • If you are positive for COVID-19 or feel you have been exposed to the virus, please do not enter the building and please reschedule your appointment;
  • If you demonstrate symptoms that are of concern, you are not authorized to enter our offices.  Please contact the appropriate counter for assistance using the available virtual options (phone, email, Zoom);
  • All in-person customers must wear a face covering at all times while in the facility;
  • All in-person customers must maintain proper physical distance from others at all times.

Appointment Information

  • Appointments must be made online, in advance, but same-day appointments may be available.
  • Appointment duration is 15 minutes for general questions (Zoning and Building) and 30 minutes for "No Plan Check" Building submittals.
  • Please have applications completed for "No Plan Check" appointments.
  • A maximum of one individual per appointment may attend in-person for each scheduled appointment.
  • Customers wishing to visit multiple divisions during a single visit (i.e., Planning/Zoning and Building & Safety) should book individual appointments for each service.
  • Customers must arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment.
  • Please do not show up late to the appointment; if you are late, it will cut into your appointment time.
  • Do not use this appointment system if you have an assigned staff member processing your case - you may contact them directly.

We look forward to seeing you!

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