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To assure collaborative planning and efficient response during a disaster, the Healthcare Partners have worked together for the past 8 years to plan, train, exercise and respond to events that affect healthcare providers and their patients. Partners have responded together to numerous fires and evacuations of long term care facilities, vaccine shortages, and pandemic response to H1N1.

To further the efforts of the Healthcare Partners, a coalition with a defined structure including formal membership of partners and the establishment of an Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee was implemented in 2013. This Advisory Committee includes representatives from all healthcare partners, including but not limited to: Hospitals, Community Clinics, Dialysis Centers, Long Term Care, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Home Health & Hospice, EMS Provider Agencies, ARC, and the Medical Reserve Corps.


The Santa Barbara Disaster Healthcare Partners Coalition is a network of healthcare organizations, government agencies and providers working together to strengthen emergency preparedness, response and recovery. The Coalition works to train all healthcare providers in the disaster response system procedures to ensure:

  • Appropriate assistance for all healthcare and long term care agencies and facilities to develop and improve disaster plans.
  • Integration and coordination of response across the healthcare system during a disaster.
  • Adequate and collaborative medical surge operations to care for victims are available during a mass casualty and/or large scale event.
  • Ability to accurately determine the status of the healthcare system and the safety and location of patients and clients.
  • Disaster response operations are appropriately coordinated between facilities and agencies to meet the needs of the public.


Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is comprised of a committee chair and committee members who represent hospitals and other healthcare organizations and agencies that are integral in a medical response to events/emergencies.

The chair and each advisory committee member will be elected to serve a two year term. Newly elected chair/advisory committee members will shadow a current chair/member for one year before beginning the two year term. Current Advisory Committee Representatives. 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of leaders from hospitals and other healthcare organizations and agencies that are integral in a medical response to events/emergencies. This committee provides oversight to Advisory Committee recommendations and Healthcare Partner Coalition activities. The Executive Committee meets annually. During its meeting the Executive Committee will receive a briefing on coalition activities and be presented with Advisory Committee recommendations for approval.