County Retirement Plan – Depending on your age and length of service, you may be eligible to apply for a retirement or defer your retirement until a later date. Contact your Retirement Representative for further information. Employees planning to retire should apply for a service retirement up to 60 days prior to the date they plan to retire. Your representative is assigned by the first letter of your last name or your work location. To contact your Retirement Representative, see the guide below:

SBCERS Website:

SBCERS Benefits Team email:

California residents with zip code 93200 & lower, plus residents of Buellton, Los Olivos, Santa Ynez & Solvang


SBCERS Santa Barbara Office                             877-568-2940

3916 State Street, Suite 100

Santa Barbara, CA  93105

Fax 805-560-1086

  • A-K Retirees: Barbara Gordon                       805-568-2942
  • L-Z  Retirees: Rebekah Bardakos                  805-568-2940

California residents with zip code higher than 93200, excluding residents of Buellton, Los Olivos, Santa Ynez, and Solvang, plus Non-California Residents


SBCERS Santa Maria Office                                 805-803-8686

2400 Professional Parkway, Suite 150

Santa Maria, CA  93455

Fax 805-739-8689

  • A-K Retirees: Jenny Labastida                      805-803-8668
  • L-Z  Retirees: Scott Dunlap                           805-803-8667

Separation:  When a member separates from employment, SBCERS will send a letter to the member regarding the disposition of their contributions on deposit, and included with that letter is a form requesting that the member select an option for the disposition of those contributions, and return the form with their selection to SBCERS for processing. The letter from SBCERS will detail the available options, such as a refund of contributions or the deferral of contributions on deposit, and establishing reciprocity with another California employer.


If you leave your contributions on deposit with SBCERS, you will be sent a Retirement Account Statement each year in February.  It is important to keep your address and beneficiary up to date with SBCERS, change forms can be found in the Active & Deferred Members section of the SBCERS website, here:


Retirement:  A "Retirement Basics Workshop: Best Practices for Retirement Planning" video can be found here: A "How Do I Retire?" checklist can be found here: