Request for Waiver of Insurance

All requests for waiver of insurance must be made in writing. The waiver request is made by the vendor/contractor, not the County or contract administrator. The request can be hard copies or e-mail copies. By doing the evaluation in this fashion, we are able to evaluate the exposure of the proposed waiver and also document that the decision has been made and authorized. To assist in this process, please follow the following procedure:

  • Request from the vendor/contractor - a letter on letterhead stationary, signed by the contractor, stating the following:
    1. He/She is an independent contractor (if so) with no employees so Worker's Compensation insurance is not required.
    2. A statement that General Liability and Auto (if appropriate) Liability Insurance is not carried.
    3. If the contractor does have GL/AL insurance but not at the $1 million limits currently required, then the lower limits must be indicated. Lower limits will be acceptable in many cases rather than completely waiving insurance. When so requested, the contractor is required to respond.
    4. Maintain a copy of the letter in the contract file.
  • Send a description or copy of the Statement of Work.
  • Fax or send copies of the above or circulate copies with the signature page of the Board Contract to Ray Aromatorio. Our fax number is (805)884-6861.
    • For Purchasing contracts, if the name of the Buyer is provided in the information, an e-mail will document the status and assist in processing a contract.
    • Please allow sufficient time to review the information.