Board Certified Isla Vista Master Plan

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Between 2000 and 2007 County staff worked with the community, the Isla Vista Project Area Committee/General Plan Advisory Committee (PAC/GPAC), the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), and Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District (IVRPD) to prepare the Isla Vista Master Plan. The Isla Vista Master Plan is a planning document for the Isla Vista area which sets forth community goals and policies to guide the future growth of Isla Vista. The Plan is the product of extensive community participation; it represents over six years of effort by committed residents, business owners, and land owners working with County staff and a consultant team.

On August 21, 2007, the Board of Supervisors approved the Isla Vista Master Plan. Once certified by the California Coastal Commission, the Plan will update the policies, land use and zoning designations, and development standards within the Plan Area. The Plan is intended to:

  • Address public infrastructure problems
  • Reduce automobile dependency
  • Revitalize the Isla Vista downtown
  • Develop and up-grade the housing stock for all income levels

To achieve these goals, the Plan proposes changes to the County Comprehensive Plan and identifies individual projects to support the revitalization of Isla Vista. These changes include:

  • Updating zoning to allow mixed use development in downtown Isla Vista and higher density multi-residential development in the northern and central areas of the community,
  • Establishing urban design standards to improve the quality of new development, and
  • Revising County transportation policies to allow infill projects.

The Plan does not propose major land use changes in Isla Vista, nor does it give the Redevelopment Agency the power to force large scale redevelopment. Instead, the Plan utilizes an incentive-based approach to encourage redevelopment to occur. All of these efforts are intended to improve Isla Vista, and help make it a more vibrant and attractive place to live, work, shop and recreate.