Support for Consumers and Families

Support for consumers is available from Peer Recovery Specialists.  In South County call 681-5273 or 681-5455. In North County call 934-6581. Patients' Rights Advocates are also available to provide assistance.  In South County call 681-4735 and in Central and North County, 934-6548.  

Family advocates are also available to help family members.  In South County, call the Mental Wellness Center, 884-8440. In Central and North County, contact Transitions Mental Health Association, 540-6500. 

If you are concerned about someone with an alcohol or other drug problem, you may contact Al-Anon (805) 899-8302 for help.  You may also click here for a list of agencies that provide Youth and Family Treatment Centers and Adult Treatment Programs. These agencies work closely with families experiencing what you are, and many offer family counseling.  

You may search for social services in Santa Barbara County online here or refer to this directory of services.

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