We serve children 0-15 who are Medi-Cal beneficiaries with serious emotional disturbance and/or substance use disorders. To obtain services, call the 24/7 Access Line, 1-888-868-1649.  More information about obtaining services is here. 

If your child is in crisis, call 1-888-334-2777.  The 24/7 behavioral health crisis helpline for children and teens is called SAFTY. A SAFTY brochure is available in English and Spanish. 

We operate three behavioral health clinics for children in Santa Barbara County:

Santa Maria: 500 West Foster Road, 934-6385 | Map and Directions

Santa Barbara: 429 N. San Antonio Road, 884-1600 | Map and Directions

Lompoc: 401 East Ocean Avenue, 737-6600 | Map and Directions

Additional department contact information is here.

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